Checkout won't allow me to complete.

There are several reasons a checkout may stall or appear to stall:

1. Internet explorer 8 and 9 have security issues that may prevent checkout. Be sure to use an up to date browser.

2. You cannot purchase more than one copy of a course for yourself. Make sure you have the correct quantity in place.

3. On the user registration/sign in page, new passcodes must be 4 numbers only.

4. Enter the same passcode into both fields and click next. (the page may say "Passcodes do not match". If you have entered the same code twice, click the Next button anyway)

5. Billing and mailing addresses must contain only numbers, letters and spaces. No other punctuation is allowed in these fields. 

6. Amex cards have a 4 digit security code on the front rather than a 3 digit code on the back

7. A message regarding an 'object reference' may indicate a failed card, an out of date browser or a local security program that is blocking the connection.

8. There are at least two 'review' pages during the checkout process that look like the first page of the checkout. If you see this page, look for and click the 'next' or 'place this order' button on the bottom right.



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