iPads, iPhones and most tablets do not support a program called "Flash", which is what ClickSafety courses are built in. As a result, these devices cannot use our courses without additional software.

We have made arrangements to offer free access to an app called Puffin, which is browser which will allow our courses to run on tablets.

Please note that while Puffin can also be used on phones, we do not recommend the use of phones for our courses.

To locate the app, go to main page of clicksafety.com and click the 'Support' button on the top right, then "Mobile FAQ" on the left. 

Select the version of Puffin that works with your device and download it.

Once downloaded, open Puffin and use it to get back on line to clicksafety.com. Your Flash content should now load.

You can also access that page here: http://www.clicksafety.com/support/mobile-faq

Please be aware that while this is the best solution we know of, we cannot endorse, guarantee or give technical support in its downloading or use. You may also encounter some difficulty completing course purchases on these devices. For those reasons it is always best, when possible, to use a true computer rather than a tablet.

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