iPads, iPhones and most tablets do not support a program called "Flash". Many ClickSafety courses are built in flash, and as a result, these devices may be unable to launch those courses without additional software.

To access our flash based courses on a mobile device, you can download an app called Photon, a browser that will allow the content to run.

This app is free for Android users. 

For iOS users (iPhones, iPads, etc) there is a free option that contains advertisements (these are not presented by ClickSafety.com) , or an ad-free paid option which carries a subscription price of $4.99/year. 

Please note that while Photon can also be used on phones, we do not recommend the use of phones for our courses.

If you are accessing this site from a mobile device or tablet, please follow the steps listed below:

    1. Download the free web browser app, Photon.

      Image result for photon browser icon

      For iPhone & iPad, select the Apple App Store icon and search for "Photon browser"


      For Android Mobile Device or Tablet, select the Google Play Store icon, and search for "Photon browser".

    2. Open the Photon app, and enter www.clicksafety.com into the address bar. The address bar is located at the top.

    3. Once you see the ClickSafety website, select Login on the top right corner. Enter your ClickSafety username and password.

    4. Before launching the course, locate the lightning bolt icon in the Photon browser and select it to enter flash mode

    5. Click Enter/Start in your course to launch the course material. 


You can also access that page here: http://www.clicksafety.com/support/mobile-faq

Please be aware that while this is the best solution we know of, we cannot endorse, guarantee or give technical support in its downloading or use. You may also encounter some difficulty completing course purchases on these devices. For those reasons it is always best, when possible, to use a true computer rather than a tablet.

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