Why can't I see or open my certificate?

Certificates are only available after a course has been completed in full. There are several reasons you may not see the certificate:

1. The final exam has not been completed or passed
Certificates are only available after ALL course material has been completed AND any minimum time requirements must be met.

2. The evaluation in an OSHA course was not completed or submitted.
Following the final exam, you must click the START button next to the required evaluation, fill it out and submit it. If the submit button does not display, make sure you have your page open full screen. The submit button  is located on the bottom left corner below the comment field of question 9.

3. The certificate icon at the bottom of the page has not been clicked
Completed courses (other than OSHA courses) will be listed at the bottom of your company curriculum. To the far right, under the Actions column, you will see an icon for the certificate. Clicking this will open the certificate in a new window.

Note: the icon next to the "Print Certificate="  is not the certificate. This is an icon legend to show what the cert icon looks like.

4. The certificate window is being blocked by pop up blockers
Pop ups must be allowed in order for the certificate window to open.

An excellent link for finding the pop up settings procedure for your browser can be found here: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/tech-tips/disable-popup-blocker/pcmcat748301880694.c?id=pcmcat748301880694

5. The course was taken through a third party site which maintains administrative control over the certs
If you are accessing your course through your company or union's website rather than directly through ClickSafety.com , that company may restrict your access to certificates. In these cases the company or union generally prints or emails the certs for you and maintains a copy for their records.

6. You do not have Adobe PDF reader installed or running.
Our certificates require a version of Adobe reader in order to open. A third party pdf reader will typically not work. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/



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