Daily Limit

The OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses have a daily limit of 7.5 hours of access maximum. You are not required to do a full 7.5 hours of work in a day, but you cannot do more than that.

This limit is counted from midnight to midnight Eastern time. When the limit is reached, you will not be able to access the course again until after midnight Eastern. Also, there must be at least 4 hours between daily sessions, so you would not be able to work 7.5 hours up to 11:59 pm and continue for another 7.5 hours at midnight.

The limit runs so long as you are logged into your account, even if you are not actively using the course. For example, if you quit out of a course and go to lunch for an hour without logging out, that hour will be counted. It is also possible to have your daily limit run our overnight if you go to bed without logging out, so it is strongly recommended that you log out when you have completed a section and will be stepping away from the course.

Our system does alert you when you have 20 minutes remaining on your daily limit but do not rely solely on that. Try to budget your time.

The 7.5 hours is a hard stop,  meaning that if your are in the middle of a set of slides or an exam when it occurs, you will be ejected from that activity and will have to start that activity over when you next log in.

This is an OSHA regulation and as such we have no ability to waive or alter it or grant access again until the midnight reset is reached. 

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