How long to complete an OSHA course?

OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 have a minimum time requirement of 10 hours and 30 hours respectively. Because these are self paced courses, most people take longer to complete them.

The time requirements for OSHA courses are:

OSHA enforces a maximum daily limit of 7.5 hours.
An OSHA 10 cannot be completed in one day.  OSHA 10s take a minimum of 2 days of access, OSHA 30s take a minimum of 4 days.  

The daily limit runs from midnight to midnight Eastern time. The daily limit is a hard stop meaning that once it is reached, access stops immediately, regardless of where you are in the course. The system issues a warning 20 minutes before the daily limit is reached and the limit runs so long as you are logged in, regardless of whether you are active in the course or not.

It is possible for an account to be left open overnight, using up the limit for the day. Once reached , the daily limit cannot be reset, extended or lifted and access will not be available again until midnight Eastern. It is recommended that you log out when not using the course for any length of time. 

This limit is a maximum daily limit, but you are not required to spend the full 7.5 hours. You can do as little as one set of slides before you can quit and log out.

Six month Target date and OSHA days remaining

While these courses can be completed in as little as 10 or 30 hours, OSHA allows up to 6 months to complete them. Assuming that a course will be started immediately, a target date is listed in your account for 6 months from the date of registration. This target date is for tracking only.

OSHA does also impose a 6 month hard stop limit from the moment the course is started. This can cause the target date and the OSHA cut off date to be different. Your account lists how many days remain on the OSHA requirements. This is the number of days you have remaining to complete the course, regardless of what the target date says.

For example:

The OSHA requirement limit will end course access when it is reached,regardless of where you are in the course. If the time elapses, regardless of completion percentage, a new course must be purchased and completed from the beginning in order for a card to be issued. 

When taking courses,  keep the following in mind:
-The courses are very top heavy. The first 50% represents about 75% of the time you will need to complete. 

-Supplemental materials and weblinks are intended to be bookmarked and closed. If you spend time reading them, it will add to your time and potentially time you out.

-Clicking quit or walking away will cause you to time out and will require restarts which will add to your time.

-Clear your temporary history and cache frequently, at the very least when you log in and log out for the day

-The timer runs so long as you are logged in. If you leave for lunch or even for the day without logging out, all of that time will be recorded.

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