How to change address/email/user name/passcode?

In accounts with and OSHA course, click the ENTER button and look for the Profile tab.

The Profile page will allow you to change your email address and mailing address. Please note that if your account was set up by an employer and the address was left blank, it may be because the employer wants the resulting OSHA card sent to them first for their records. Check with your employer before making this change.

If you do not have an OSHA course, you may not have access to the Profile button. In this case a mailinhg address is not needed (only OSHA courses mail physical cards), but you can contact ClickSafety support to update your email address.


You cannot change your own name, user name or passcode. If you want to correct a spelling error or change the passcode (it must still be 4 numbers only) contact ClickSafety Support. You can also find more information here.

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