Questions and Answers about recent changes

We have made changes to the way your ClickSafety account looks and works. We believe these changes will enhance your experience. The following questions and answers will help you get acquainted with the new layout.


Q. Why does my login page look different now?

A.ClickSafety has added an additional level of security which will keep your information even safer than before, but don’t worry you are still going to access the same world class training from ClickSafety!


Q. Can I change my username and or Password?

A.YES! This is also a new feature for ClickSafety. As an addition to the added security ClickSafety is now allowing users to select their own username and password as well as edit existing information. Users can make this change by simply clicking on their profile button at the top of their page once logged in.


Q. I’m a new user but I don’t have an email address, can I still take a course with ClickSafety?

A.Yes. Users who do not have an email address will have the option to add in a phone number instead. Adding a mobile device phone number will also assist in password recovery if needed. However it is recommended that users create a free email if they do not have one. Users can create an email in minutes by visiting a variety of webpages such as,, iCloud (for apple users), or


Q. Will my old user name and password work on the new ClickSafety page?

A. Though most usernames are unique some users may be provided with a more secure username upon initial login in the new system.


Q. What happens if I forgot my username or Password.

A. Users can always reach out to our Customer Support team at 800-971-1080 for a password reset or to assist with a username. Users can also click on the “Forgot Password” link to reset their password directly from the ClickSafety account.


Q. Does the new system save my progress or is it lost as in the old system?

A.Yes and No. We will be gradually releasing our entire library into the new Platform. For OSHA courses assigned after 7/13/17 users will have the ability to save exact locations within their course. Courses assigned prior to 7/13/17 will still need to complete a topic within the module to benchmark their progress.

Q. Will I still see my time that has accumulated on my home page?

A. Not only will users still see their cumulative time but users who are assigned OSHA training after 7/13/17 will see a daily timer which will allow them to keep track of how much time they have left in the system for a day.

Q. I'm a company administrator but I’m not being taken to the normal administration page. How can I now add users?

A. To get to your Management Control Panel (MCP) you will click on the icon at the top of your page that calls out “Manage Users.” This will take you to the familiar page where you can add users and check status as needed.


Q. Why can I no longer see my users' passwords?

A. Passwords are personal and private information. Once created, admins will no longer have access to passwords. Passwords can be reset by students at any time after account creation.


Q. The page looks so different. Can I get another user tour/WebEx or handbook?

A. You can request a new handbook at or if you would prefer to have a walk through you can email .



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