When will I receive my OSHA card?

Physical cards are provided ONLY for OSHA 10 (construction, California construction, general industry road hazards) and OSHA 30 courses. There are no cards issued for other courses like Hazwoper, Forklift Certification or Competent Person.

OSHA cards are mailed out, on average, 6-8 weeks after the course has been completed. NOTE: A course is not completed until the final exam is passed AND the course evaluation has been completed.

Please allow extra delivery time during Holidays and Tax season.

If you have not received your card after 8 weeks, check your account for the following:

Verify that you have completed the course and the evalutation

Click the profile icon to verify your address.

If no address is listed, the card may have been sent to the company that set the account up for you. You will want to contact them to see if they received the card.

If all of these options check out and you have still not received that card, call us at 1.800.971.1080 x2 and we will check to see if it has been returned to us.


NOTE FOR NEVADA RENEWALS: Nevada state regulations require that we list your CURRENT Osha card number on the replacement card. If you have completed the course but have not received your replacement card, please email your user name, passcode and current card number to support@clicksafety.com


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