How to redeem voucher codes

Voucher codes will redeem a Pre-Paid safety course. While the process is essentially the same as the Checkout, NO Credit Card information will be requested.

NOTE: Follow these instructions exactly as written. Codes are intended to be redeemed by the person taking the course. If you are redeeming for someone else, you must redeem it as them, following the instructions as listed.

Codes are redeemed on

1. Enter your Training Voucher Code in the Box and click 'Redeem'.

2. On the Checkout page, set the 'Who is Taking this Course?' selection to 'ME' (do not select ‘others’), THEN click 'Checkout'.

3. On the 'Have you used ClickSafety before' page, Sign In as a New user with the name of the person who will be taking the course, or Sign In as an Existing user with the username of person taking the course.

4. Click 'Next' to move past the 'Review' page.

5. On the 'Student Info' page, enter the Billing address. This is the address to which a card, if one is issued, will be sent. It is not for actual billing. Click 'Next' to move past the 'Student Info' page.

NOTE: No payment is necessary to redeem a training voucher code.

6. Click 'Place this order' to finish adding the course to your account.

7. The 'Congratulations' page will provide the Username which the employee may use to login on the top right side of


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