I forgot my User Name/ Password

Log ins on ClickSafety.com are generally follow the following form:

User names are First Initial and Last name. For example John Smith would be JSmith

Passwords are usually 4 digits. In rare cases they may be 5 digits but the registration process on ClickSafety.com only allows for 4.  

Passwords can only be numbers. No letters or symbols.

In some cases in which the user name is common and the password is very common, a number may be attached to the end of your user name to distinguish it. For example, the combination of JSmith   1234 will be extremely common, so a new registration using that information may be changed to JSmith3.

We recommend using the last 4 digits of your social security, employee id or phone number rather than simple passwords like 1234 or 1111.

If you are unable to recall your password you may be able to retrieve it through the Forgot Password form on the log in form. If you do not have an active email on file with us, however, you will not be able to get a password reminder.


Note: If you are logging in through a site other than clicksafety.com, your employer or union may be using a different log in format. In this case you will have to contact your administrator to gain access.

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