Course is under wrong name

Accounts must be listed under the name of the person taking the course. Once registered, names can only be changed by ClickSafety support

Name misspelled or reversed

Send an email or support ticket to ClickSafety support with the user name and passcode on the existing account. Include correct spelling and we will make the correction as needed.

Voucher code was purchased for one person but was meant for someone else

Voucher codes are not associated with any particular name until it has been redeemed. Regardless of who the course was purchased for, if it has not yet been redeemed it can be given to and redeemed by someone else.  Note: codes can only be redeemed once.

Course was purchased or redeemed under wrong name

So long as the course has been completed and is still active, we can change the name on an account. Send an email or support ticket to ClickSafety support with the user name and passcode and the name it should be registered under. Include any new 4 digit passcode and con tact information.

Course was started or completed under wrong name

If the course is in progress and more than 15% completed, we will have to remove and reissue the course. Any existing work or time in the course will have to be started over. Courses more than 15% completed but not finalized will have to be repurchased.

If the course was completed, we will need a scanned copy of the certificate with a signature from the person who took the course as well as the person whose name it was under. Note: we cannot change the name on an issued OSHA card if it has been delivered.  If and OSHA course was completed inder the wrong name, a new course must be purchased and completed.

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