How to purchase or register

To purchase for one person:

1. Go to and click "Browse Courses"
2. Search for the course or courses you need and click the 'buy' or 'add to cart' buttons

3. If you are purchasing for one person and you have their information to register them, select that  the course is for 'me' and click "Checkout". This is will allow you to create the account directly under their name

4.If the user has an account already, select 'Yes I have used clicksafety' and log in with their user name and passcode.

5. Continue past the review page to the Billing information page
6.Enter the information and address of the person who is paying, billing address and email on one page, followed by the credit card on the next
7.Confirm and click 'Place this order"

This will give you your confirmation number, and the user name and passcode registered.
If you put the user's email in the registration area and your email in the billing area, they will receive a message with their log in and you will receive the emailed receipt.


How to purchase for multiple people

While there is no way to register multiple people at the same time on the same computer, you can purchase multiple courses for them at the same time.

Once you have added the course or courses to your shopping cart, set the quantity as needed and set the 'who i staking this course' option to 'others' (If you will be taking one of the courses yourself you can select 'me and others' to load one of them into your own account.)

Once you have completed the checkout you will receive a 10 character voucher code for each course. These are essentially digital gift cards that can be redeemed by the people who will be taking the course to set up their own accounts and log ins. These codes will appear on your confirmation page and in the emailed receipt, which will also contain the instructions to redeem.

Redeeming a code grants no access to the billing information through which it was purchased.


Registering for project sites (Webcor, XL, Haskell, Morely, etc)

Some of our courses are site specific and require registration on the site page (ex:
Check with your administrator to see which site to register on. You will also need your company's access code. 
On the appropriate website, click the USER tab and then Register User.
Enter your name and last 4 of your SNN as requested
Select your language
Locate your company name from the drop list
Enter the access code
Select the course(s) you need and move them from the left column to the right column
Submit and log in
Note: If you receive a message about a registration or subscription problem, your company admin should contact ClickSafety support.


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