Purchased the wrong course / wrong language

Many of our courses are available in both English and Spanish. While there is a setting in your account that allows you to change the display language of your account home page, you cannot switch between languages for the course itself. Therefore a course must be purchased in the correct language.

If you have purchased a course in the wrong language, and another language is available, contact support@clicksafety.com with your user name and passcode and a request to switch languages. Please note that not all courses are in both English and Spanish. Also , when a course is switched, any progress in the original is lost and the course must be started from the beginning.

If you have purchased the wrong course and need a completely different course (not just language change) contact support@clicksafety.com with your user name and passcode. If the course has not been completed and its replacement is of equal cost, we can switch it out for you.  We cannot recover any time spent in the previous course.

If you have COMPLETED the wrong course  there is, unfortunately, no way to swap it or its resulting certificates with a different course. This includes the OSHA courses. A new, correct course must be purchased and completed. We cannot provide a certificate for a different course than the one that has been completed.

If you have purchased voucher codes for the wrong course you cannot switch the codes or get new ones issued. If the course you are switching out is the same price as the one you need, do not register the codes. Forward your receipt with order number and codes and the name of the course you need. 

Note: In all cases, swapping courses can only be done for courses of equal value. If the course you are removing is a different price, we may be able to remove the course and refund the purchase price, provided that the course has not been started or is less than 10% complete. For that you can send an email to support@clicksafety.com with your order number or the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to purchase, and your account log in. We will investigate and let you know if it can be refunded.


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