I can't find or get into my course

No course listed in account

If you can log in but there is no course listed:
1. Make sure you are entering the correct account. If there is a number at the end of your user name, make sure you are including that when you log in. This is especially possible if you have a common name and used a common passcode like 1234

2. If the course was purchased for you by someone else, they should have received and given you a 10 character voucher code. Follow the instructions on clicksafety.com/redeem to redeem that code and add the course to your account.  Click here for instructions on redeeming voucher codes

Clicking Start refreshes the page or returns to Enter button page

On a laptop or desktop: If you are able to log in and see your course, but clicking the Start button brings you back to the first page of the account, you most likely have pop up blockers turned on. For information on how to disable pop up blockers, click here for instructions in the article "Browser Settings"

On a tablet or phone: These devices block pop ups and do not support flash. In order to access our courses using a personal device, you must download an use a free app called Photon from our home page.

You can also access that page here: http://www.clicksafety.com/support/mobile-faq

Please be aware that while this is the best solution we know of, we cannot endorse, guarantee or give technical support in its downloading or use. You may also encounter some difficulty completing course purchases on these devices. For those reasons it is always best, when possible, to use a true computer rather than a tablet.




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