Error messages

As with any online program, you may encounter a number of error codes and messages. While we can't list all possible error messages, here is a list of ones that you are most likely to encounter.


Error Solution

The page you have linked to is missing or has been removed. This can happen with external sites your course links to. You can report the broken link to

Keep in mind that you will not be tested on any materials that do not appear in the course itself, so an error 400/404 should not prevent you from continuing.

500 There is a problem connecting to the page you want. The page exists, but your browser is unable to reach it. Contact with your  account information and a description of where and when you encounter the error. 
"Exceeded the OSHA time requirement" OSHA allows 6 months of access from the moment your course is first started. OSHA does not allow extensions beyond that 6 months. If there is an error in the dates on your account, contact
"OSHA Chekpoint Attempts" In an OSHA course you are only permitted three chances to pass an exam. Three failing grades on any one exam is considered failure from the course. However you may have lost an attempt due to connection issues. If you receive this message but have not seen three failing grades, contact

Keep in mind that if you did receive three actual failed grades, you cannot continue and a new course would have to be purchased/registered and started from the beginning.
RSL error The Flash plugin on your computer is out of date or is corrupted. Download a new plugin from, then restart your browser.
Other errors In general, errors can often be corrected by clearing your cache and restarting the browser. Instructions for your browser can be found here:
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