Creating and assigning groups

Groups are a way to create custom course lists or curriculum from inside your administrative accounts. By using groups you can create and assign courses based on job title, location, specific projects, new hire training and basically any other designation you may want. When a group is assigned, all associated courses are placed in a user's account and their progress can be tracked.


To create a group, click the GROUPS link on the top right of your admin dashboard


From the Groups page you can select the courses you want to be part of the curriculum. NOTE: It i snot recommended that you include OSHA or Specialty courses like HAZWOPER or EM 385 as they are already their own groups.

To create a new group on the GROUPS page, click 'add groups' or 'add new group'


Assign a name for your group. This can be anything that helps you identify the curriculum.For example: "New Hire" for every new employee, "East Coast" for only employees in your east coast division or office, "Mechanics" or "Office Staff" for employees in those positions, etc.

Then click NEXT

On the Add Courses page you can either search for a course keyword or click 'List all courses.

 Note: We recommend typing a keyword. The SEARCH function may not find the course if there is any difference in the way you enter it vs how it is listed in the. Also the 'list all courses' will contain all of the course sin your library which can number in the 300s.


When you have found your list or related courses you can select one or more courses to add by checking them and clicking "ADD SELECTED COURSES"


You will be given the chance to add more courses to the selected list or remove ones you decide against before clicking 'FINISHED ADDING COURSES>>'

You may choose to display the courses in a particular order. If your company account is set to allow clickable courses, your users may choose to do them in any order, but they will be presented as you list them.


Set the duration between courses to determine an approximate target date for the group. This group 

This is the default time to complete a course. Courses not completed by the target date are listed as Behind Schedule but can still be worked on.

When the process is completed you can assign the group by selecting the people in your account and choosing the 'assign training group" option. You can leave the default target date as mentioned above, or you can enter a different date for that assignment. 

Anyone to whom the group is assigned will receive all associated courses.

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