Adding new administrators

If you are taking over the role as SOLE primary administrator account from someone else, and do not yet have access, please contact us to get you in touch with your sales rep who can verify your credentials and get you set up.


If you have primary administrative access and want to add additional admins:
1. Make sure that the new admin is listed as a user in your account. If they are not already listed, please refer to the the following link to get them entered:


2. Once the intended admin is listed as a user, click the setup link at the top of your dashboard home page.

3. Click the Administrative Access Summary link


4. Click the Add Administartor link

5. Select the employee name from the drop list and click NEXT

6. IF your company uses categories and you want the admin to have access to only certain categories, check the ones you want to add. Or, if they will have full access to all employees, use the "All Values" option. then click NEXT


7. Choose the level of access: Full, Read Only,  No Access, and click NEXT

Note: "Awards" is a deprecated value and is no longer used.

8.Verify all settings and if they are correct, click FINISH, or BACK to make changes

*9. If the new admin is intended to also be a PRIMARY admin, contact support after setting them up and we will give them the Primary designation
Note: A Primary admin has the ability to create categories and add new Admins. Secondary Admins do n ot have access to those functions. An adminsitrative account may have up to TWO Primary Admins but an unlimited number of Secondary Admins

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