Adding Units

A unit is , essentially, a credit used to purchase courses.

In terms of course price, a unit is equivalent to $1, so a $67 course would require 67 units to cover its cost.

In your administrative account, you can purchase units under the Buy Training/Pay Invoice link on the top right.

Units can be purchased at volume discount by using the "Quick Buy" options or calling your sales rep.

For smaller purchases, click the "Purchase additional Training Units" link just above the Quick But buttons

From that page, enter the number of units you need. You can use the 'Help me calculate Units for the courses I need" link to determine the cost of courses in your library. Note: This list displays the total units needed for a course and does not take any remaining units you have on file into account.

Credit card and invoicing

ClickSafety does not retain your credit card information, so it must be re-entered each time a unit purchase is made. There is also an invoice option for quantities of 500 units or more. As soon as the credit card is entered and accepted or invoice is selected, click the 'but units' button and your units will be available immediately.

Online University Units(XL, HaskelSafety, Webcor)
Some partner sites such as require you to purchase units and assign their courses directly from those sites rather than through  your dashboard. 

In addition, Webcor courses do not use units and , instead, pay for courses from the credit card entered when the Webcor account was created. This is the only instance in which an on-file credit card is used. Contact ClickSafety Support if youi have difficulty registering for Webcor. There may be an issue with the card on file.

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