Removing Courses / restoring units

Courses assigned through administrative accounts can be removed and credited back under the following conditions:

1. The course has never been started
2. It was assigned less than 6 months ago.
(If the course does not meet either or both of these requirements, contact us with the user info and we will check to see if it can be removed and units restored manually)

-In the administrative account, locate the employee's name and click it to get to their details page.

-On the details page, check the box next to the course name (if the course has been started it cannot be selected)

-Once selected, click the 'Remove Selected OSHA/Specialty Groups" button

-Confirm that you want to delete the course (You only have to confirm on OSHA courses)|

If the course was assigned less than 6 months ago, the units will be restored to your balance.

Note: This only applies to unit based courses. Subscription based and Webcor courses have no units that can be restored though the course removal process is the same.

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