Creating an Administrative/Company account

Administrative accounts  (referred to as Management Control Panels or MCPs) allow you and other administrators to more easily set up user accounts, assign courses, track user progress and grants access to certificates for completed accounts.

Rather than purchase courses directly from the catalog page, and MCP allows you to purchase units in advance (a unit is roughly equivalent to $1 though volume purchases can change this.) 

There is an upfront cost to setting up an MCP which may be offset by volume discounts or even waived by the sales rep depending on how many units are initially purchased.

To set up an account, call us 800 971 1080 option 2. We will need the city and state where your company is headquartered (even if you are in a different location) and whether your company has more than 200 employees company wide or less than 200 (even if only some of those employees are taking courses). That information will help us to identify who the sales rep for your area is and we can then get you in contact with them.

We do offer a free training on the use of MCPs which can be arranged after the account is created bu submitting the request to your sales rep or emailing us at

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